"Rowdy's Legacy"

Grand Champion Junior Doe Divison Best In The West 2015

WBGR Rowdy x Blev TB Mo Chunk


CSF Putin On The Ritz

CSG4 Despicable Me x CSG4 Mercedes


HNJ Eden's Blackout

HNJ Blacklist x WRR G35


HNJ Eden's Fury

HNJ Rampage x HNJ 10683627


Cheatin Heart

C S B Lucky Charm x 3XL Grip’s Class Act


Dancing Finn

1st in Class Spring Kid
Breeding Does Silver Dollar Fair 2016



Reserve Champion Overall
Breeding Does Silver Dollar Fair 2016


WRR Clover

H2M3J Solid Rock x WRR Rachel Ray


WRR Daisy

H2M3J Solid Rock x G262 (Heat Seeker x Fowler)


WRR Jingles

SRR1 B14 Heat Seeker x J6 P.Jangles


















































































































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